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IV Infusion Therapy

Our customized therapy solution is prescribed only after a thorough examination our DHA Licenced Physician, and administered by our intensive-care trained nurses in the comfort of your home

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IV Therapy at Home in Dubai

At your home, your hotel or anywhere you need us to be

Administration of approved fluids with specialty nutrients, vitamins and sometimes, medication directly into the blood stream is gaining a lot of attention and popularity due to its benefits compared to oral medication therapy. With our IV infusion therapy sessions, you can order highly personalized treatments for a variety of conditions including Anti-Stress, Diabetic Support, Liver Detox, Memory Boost, Immune Boost, Energy Boost, Cardiac Support, Healthy & Glowing Skin, among various other customised remedies.

Faster hydration and better absorption of nutrients and vitamins make IV infusion therapy a better choice than oral medication. Our on-demand, customized therapy solution is prescribed only after a thorough examination by our DHA Licenced Physician, and administered by our intensive-care trained nurses in the comfort of your home, hotel or even office!

What is IV Therapy?

Intravenous Therapy (IV Therapy) It is a method that involves the delivery of micronutrients in the form of IV vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids into the body. This method allows faster absorption level of the targeted micronutrients allowing the body to recover faster as well as enhance the metabolic status and sense of well-being.

In multiple cases of supplements or even direct consumption of food there are associated health issues related to digestion, indigestion, and food sensitivities. These issues put a burden in the absorption of nutrients that a much need to the health of our bodies.

The utilization of an IV therapy bypasses the gut and ensures that 90-100% of the targeted constituents are absorbed and utilized by our bodies, as opposed 10-20% that can be absorbed with the use of oral and intramuscular administration. This establishes the process (since 1883) of IV therapy, utilizing IV drips, as a global standard to the delivery of targeted micronutrients into the human body.

We did not invent the wheel, we just deliver it to your home, utilizing licensed medical manpower, IV kits approved by the Ministry of Health and solutions that are tested, proven and reliable on their outcomes.

IV Therapy Packages

Experience all the benefits of the most comprehensive IV therapy packages in the
comfort of your own home.

Antistress and Antioxidant

Blood Boost and Iron

Energy Boost and Hydrating

Female Balance

VIP Antiaging

Memory Boost

Glowing and Radiant Skin

Gut Healer

Immune Boost and Hydration

Hair Regenerate

Cardiac Support

Fat Burning Lipotropic IM Shots

Vitamin Mix

Diabetic Support

Liver Detox

Heavy Metal Detox

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I get IV therapy?
It depends on the targeted treatment and desired outcomes. IV therapy can be given as a one-off treatment to provide you with a nutrient boost. For all the therapies the results will be evident from the first therapy. Some therapies involve a weekly infusion for 3-6 weeks at most but still the results are evident from the first and each subsequent one.
How long does the IV therapy lasts?
Most of the therapies on our dosages take between 25 – 45 mins, with the longer ones reaching up to 1hour. The duration of the therapy depends mostly on the competency of the injected kit.
Is IV therapy more effective than oral supplements?
Yes, micronutrients and vitamins are absorbed at a rate of 10-20% when oral taken as opposed to the efficiency of the IV therapy where the absorption is between 90-100%.
Is the process hurtful?
The procedure is performed by a licensed and trained phlebotomist / nurse, under supervision of the treating physician and does not differ to standard injections. Our team is well trained to provide a smooth process. Normally, you should not feel pain during the injection or post the injection.
Will I notice the difference?
Absolutely yes. We are not inventing the wheel, we are simply delivering it to your house ensuring the consumables we use are potent and accredited, from reputable and licensed manufacturers, and approved for use by the Health Authorities while its delivery is performed by licensed professional clinicians. All our IV therapies will deliver a noticeable difference from first therapy and when multiple therapies are needed all will reinforce the prior experience until reaching the desired outcomes.

Why choose Vesta Care?

for your IV drip services in Dubai?

Because we have the years of clinical expertise and wide range of specialists in our portfolio to initially assess your condition and take it to the next stage of diagnosis and treatment. Because your Out-Patient clinic also uses our services as well to address your needs, with our clinicians, at your house, hotel or workplace. Because we integrate the entire chain of Assessment – Diagnosis – Treatment 24/7/365 at your convenience. Because, when needed, we have available for you a wide range of medical facilities to effectively address your needs.