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COVID-19 PCR Test at Home in Dubai

  • Best Quality Services at Home, Office or Hotel
  • Sample Collection in just 45 Minutes
  • Fast Result Time
  • DHA- Approved Result Valid for Travel
  • Test Report Generated By A Licensed Pathologist Lab
  • Supervised by DHA Approved Professional

at home in Dubai

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or Just Call/Whatsapp  052 270 4729 

Request Call Back

or Just Call/Whatsapp  052 270 4729 

Get Covid-19 PCR Test at Home with Accurate Results in Just Less Than 4 Hours

Experience the unparalleled convenience with our COVID-19 PCR Test at Home service in Dubai! Vesta Care delivers precise lab testing right to your doorstep, saving you time and prioritizing your safety. Our skilled team of DHA-certified medical professionals conducts Covid-19 PCR tests with exceptional precision. Providing you fast results within less than 4 hours, your busy schedule remain uninterrupted. Enjoy your testing experience e with our client-friendly team and premium packages which we have designed particularly for you as per to your needs.  Choose from four exciting packages tailored to your urgency, whether it’s for travel, health screening, or peace of mind. Experience fast, convenient, and accurate testing with Vesta Care.

Fast & Accurate COVID-19 PCR Test At Home in Dubai

Vesta Care brings the convenience of conducting the most precise COVID-19 PCR testing facility right at your home with our premium and highly personalized home-based testing service. Here is why we standout due to our high-quality COVID-19 PCR testing at home services:

Matchless Accuracy

Our tests are highly accurate in detecting the COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 virus, ensuring most accurate and dependable results.

Around-the-clock Accessibility

Our COVID-19 PCR at-home service offers around-the-clock accessibility for COVID-19 at home testing service. Individuals in remote or underserved areas may find it challenging to access testing facilities. Our COVID-19 PCR test at home service helps bridging this gap, ensuring widespread availability.

Fast and Timely Results

We recognize the importance of COVID-19 testing. Our efficient process guarantees swift results, allowing for quick decisions and providing peace of mind. Vesta Care offers fast and timely lab results. This quick dissemination of information enables individuals to make timely decisions regarding isolation, treatment, or informing close contacts if the test results are positive.

Comprehensive Service

Whether you require testing for travel, reassurance, or medical purposes, our service is tailored to meet your specific needs.


Our DHA-Certified healthcare professionals strictly follow the safety protocols, reducing the risk of virus exposure during the sample collection process.


Experience ultimate convenience with our at-home testing service. Our DHA-certified home healthcare professional will visit your home and collect the sample in just 45 minutes.


Our home testing offers a high level of privacy that may be preferred by individuals who value discretion in matters related to their health. The ability to undergo testing in the privacy of one's home can be especially important for those concerned about stigma or judgment.

Family & Group Testing

We provide smooth and hassle-free COVID-19 PCR at home testing services for multiple individuals within the same household or group, promoting efficient and comprehensive screening. This is particularly useful for families, ensuring the health and safety of everyone within the household.

Personalized Scheduling

Enjoy the comfort of our home testing that flexibility in scheduling appointments, allowing individuals to choose a time that suits them. This flexibility is crucial for individuals with unpredictable work schedules or other commitments.

Enjoy the ease of our quick at-home COVID-19 PCR test in Dubai, providing you fast and precise DHA-Approved Results. Remember, your health and safety are our top priorities, and we are committed to providing the best home testing solutions in Dubai.


Get Your COVID-19 PCR Test DONE at Home in Just 3 Easy Steps!

Vesta Care in Dubai provides a comprehensive home healthcare service for COVID-19 PCR Test under the supervision of expert DHA Certified Healthcare Professional right at your home, office or any facility which suits to your needs.

Leave the worry of searching for a PCR test near me—simply call Vesta Care to ensure your peace of mind during these challenging times. Your health and the well-being of your loved ones is our top priorities. You are family to us, simple!

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Follow 3 Easy Steps to Get Your Covid-19 PCR Test Done at Home Now

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Contact Us

Call or WhatsApp at 052 270 4729 for for COVID-19 PCR test at home.

Step 02.

Healthcare Professional At Your Place

Our DHA-Certified Homecare Professional will reach at your place within 45 minutes.

Step 03.

Get Accurate & Timely Test Report

You will receive accurate, Just in-time Test Report at home.

Why Choosing Vesta Care for COVID 19 PCR Test At Home in Dubai?

The typical procedure for COVID-19 lab tests often includes a lengthy process of consulting with the doctor, scheduling an appointment at the lab, and personally visiting hospital or a clinic to provide the sample. Vesta Care simplifies this entire process—making your lives easier by offering world’s best class COVID-19 PCR at Home Service. 

Vesta Care is a leading and trusted partner in offering premium home healthcare services for COVID-19 PCR tests at-shome in Dubai. Our skilled team DHA healthcare professionals is committed to delivering excellence and quality care right at your place. We prioritize accurate and fast DHA approved results to assist you in making timely decisions. Our tests adhere to international travel and healthcare compliance standards. Whether you require testing for travel, work, or healthcare reasons, our tests are acknowledged and accepted by relevant authorities. For convenient and hassle-free services in Dubai, just give us a call. We’ll be at your doorstep within 30 minutes, available 24/7 and 365 days a year.

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Advantages of Choosing Vesta Care for COVID-19 PCR Test at Home

With Vesta Care, you can experience our DHA-approved PCR testing services, known for their outstanding efficiency and precise accuracy. Our services offer a wide range of great advantages and exciting benefits, guaranteeing your peace of mind and overall well-being.


Our expert healthcare professionals conduct accurate tests for most-reliable results. Their experience ensures accurate sample collection.


You will stay informed throughout the transparent testing process at every step ensuring that the individual understands the procedure and what to expect during the testing procedure.


You will receive fast and precise results within 4 hours enabling you to receive timely information about your COVID-19 status.


Get COVID-19 PCR testing done at the comfort of your home, ensuring peace of mind without stepping out of home. Individuals who might be at higher risk, this feature is particularly beneficial for them.


Suitable for individuals facing mobility challenges, families, and those with limited transportation options.


Accessible home testing for everyone. Our strict quality assurance standards guarantee the reliability of our COVID-19 PCR test results.


Ideal for families as we conduct the testing of entire families in the same household allowing the simultaneous screening of individuals to ensure their health and safety of every member with the family unit.

Best Medical Laboratory
in Dubai

Get Access to over 1,500 Lab Tests anywhere in Dubai

Our partner Laboratory is located in Dubai, since 2001, providing an exemplary evidence of our clinical capabilities and credentials.

Our one-stop-solution for medical laboratory tests in Dubai, integrates the clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment cycle, anywhere in Dubai within 30mins from your call.

Our focus is in on outstanding accuracy and clinical compliance coupled with fast availability and affordability.

Results from the Best Lab in Dubai

We execute any custom prescription from your doctor upon request. We are fully licensed to issue e-prescription for medicine

and arrange the delivery of your medication.

We execute any custom prescription from your doctor upon request. We are fully licensed to issue e-prescription for medicine and arrange the delivery of your medication.

Our Exclusive COVID-19 PCR
Test at-Home Packages

Standard Package

Choose our Standard package and you get your Covid-19 PCR Test Result within 18-24 hours.

Fast-Track Package

Select our Fast-Track package and you will receive your Covid-19 PCR Test Result in a speedy 12 hours.

Ultra-Fast Package

Opt for our Ultra-Fast package, and receive your PCR Test Results within a swift 6 to 8 hours.

Super-Sonic Package

Select our Super Sonic Package receive your PCR test results in 3 to 5 hours.

Get Fast, Accurate & Reliable COVID-19 PCR Testing Services from Dubai’s Best DHA-Approved Licensed Pathologist Lab

Choosing Vesta Care for all your COVID testing services means you don’t compromise on quality. We are connected with Dubai’s most advanced and technologically-updated DHA-Approved & Licensed Pathologist Labs which work around-the-clock to serve all your testing needs 24/7 and 365 days a year.


These labs operate in compliance with Dubai’s Health Authority Standards, guaranteeing accurate results recognized by official health authorities. With their commitment to efficiency and safety, we provides a trustworthy option for individuals seeking timely and secure COVID testing services in Dubai by offering comprehensive lab services listed below: 

State-of-the-art Facilities:

The lab is equipped with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art facilities, providing a conducive environment for accurate testing procedures.

 Stringent Quality Standards:

DHA (Dubai Health Authority) approved lab adheres to rigorous quality standards, ensuring accuracy and reliability in COVID-19 PCR testing.

Trained & Certified Staff:

This laboratory employs skilled and certified professionals who are trained in molecular virology techniques, ensuring proficiency in COVID-19 testing methodologies.

Adherence to the International Protocols:

The lab strictly follows international testing protocols, aligning with global standards for COVID-19 testing and reporting.

Timely & DHA-Approved Results:

This DHA-approved lab prioritizes efficiency, delivering timely test results to facilitate prompt decision-making and public health measures.

Secure Data Handling:

Confidentiality is a priority, and DHA-approved lab employ secure data handling practices to protect individuals’ privacy and sensitive health information.

Convenient Testing Locations:

DHA-approved lab has strategically located testing centers across Dubai, ensuring accessibility for residents and visitors to undergo COVID-19 PCR testing conveniently.

Online Appointment Systems:

This lab offers online appointment scheduling systems, streamlining the testing process and minimizing waiting times for individuals seeking COVID-19 tests.

Collaboration with Health Authorities:

This DHA-approved lab collaborate closely with health authorities, participating in the collective effort to monitor and manage the COVID-19 situation effectively in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Question

Our medical team and our referral medical laboratory are working 24/7 for 365 days in any year and are both located in Dubai. Your samples are collected and transported around the clock within the DHA guidelines for sample transportation and storage and the tests are executed, in-house and in Dubai. We perform these services in-house and in Dubai and these are the factors that guarantee our results turn-around times!

Your results are validated by our Clinical Pathologists and Laboratory technicians and clinically correlated before being released by our Medical Laboratory in Dubai. Your reports will be indicating the ranges as well as the meaning of this ranges in accordance with quality accreditation requirements. Still, us not being intermediaries, our Doctors and clinicians are available to you for a medical evaluation of your results or cover any queries and concerns you might have. 

We are a DHA licensed medical provider, equipped with the required approvals to perform these services while our medical staff is licensed by DHA and trained to perform these services. Additionally, our medical laboratories are Licensed and Accredited to perform these tests, in compliance with highest international clinical standards. These two, safeguard the end-to-end compliance, accuracy and reliability of the testing at Home. 

Simply, we do not rely on intermediaries. We own and operate ALL assets involved in the process, end-to-end. From our direct patient CRM, to our licensed sample collection facilities and the analysis in our affiliated medical laboratory. We are clinicians we over 20 years presence in the community. 

There can be substantial health hazards of performing medical acts without involving a licensed medical facility with licensed practitioners. We, at Vesta Care, carry all the required licenses, trained and licensed medical staff, as well as the required insurances to ensure a smooth experience and clinically robust medical act, bringing standards that are followed by the world’s most reputable facilities, are accredited by quality bodies and licensed by the local authority in Dubai. 

The coronavirus, a silent molecular ninja, has taken the world by storm in recent times, leaving no corner untouched.  CORONA is an infectious agent which belongs to a family of viruses known for their crown-like appearance when viewed under a microscope. The name “coronavirus” stems from these distinctive crown-like spikes on their surface. Understanding the molecular virology of this virus is important to comprehend how it operates and affects our health.

Coronavirus is composed of genetic material, specifically RNA, encased in a protective envelope made up of proteins. The virus enters our cells by attaching to a receptor on their surface, much like a key fitting into a lock. Once inside, it hijacks the cell’s machinery to replicate itself, creating a multitude of viral copies.

The spike protein on the virus’s surface plays a key role in its ability to invade our cells. Imagine it as a grappling hook that latches onto the cell’s receptor, initiating the infection process. This interaction is like a molecular dance where precision matters.

Our immune system, the body’s defense mechanism, recognizes these foreign invaders and mounts a response. Vaccines, a marvel of molecular virology, train our immune system to recognize the spike protein without causing disease. This way, when the real virus comes knocking, our immune system is armed and ready to fend it off.

The coronavirus, however, is not a constant challenger. Variants emerge as the virus replicates, introducing slight genetic changes. Some variants may spread more easily or evade immune responses, highlighting the virus’s ability to adapt.

In the quest to combat this microscopic trouble-maker, scientists worldwide explore into the intricacies of its molecular virology. Their efforts contribute to the development of antiviral drugs, improved vaccines, and a deeper understanding of how viruses interact with our cells. By deciphering these molecular mysteries, with every step, we are hitting closer to gaining the upper hand in this ongoing battle against the coronavirus.

Certainly, Yes! COVID-19 tests require the collection of a sample swab picked from your nose (PCR Test and Antigen Test) or the collection of your blood sample (Antibodies/Serology Test). A skilled medical professional equipped with the necessary medical tools can perform this procedure easily at home.

It’s a good idea to get a COVID test regularly. But it’s especially important if you when you:

Have symptoms related to COVID like fever or chills, shortness of breath, cough, fatigue, headache or muscle ache, loss of smell and taste, sore throat, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.
Have been in close contact with someone who recently had COVID.
Have recently travelled or attended a large gathering or plan to do so soon in future.

Getting a COVID test at home in Dubai is incredibly easy and convenient with Vesta Care. Simply dial 052 270 4729, and our team of medical experts will promptly come to your doorstep at the scheduled time. We will then analyze your samples at some of the most reputable labs in Dubai, and you can expect the results within 12 to 24 hours. Rest assured that the test will be conducted with the utmost safety, adhering to all necessary precautions.

The PCR test is really good at getting accurate results. If you want to check for antibodies, it’s best to wait 14 days after having COVID. That’s because it takes time for our body to make them, and testing too early might not give the right results. After getting vaccinated, you can also take a COVID antibody test to see how many antibodies you have.

With Vesta Care you can expect to receive COVID-19 PCR Test Results within 8 to 24 hours after the test performed.

Individual’s experiences may vary from person to person. If you test positive and continue to show symptoms, it is advisable to isolate yourself. If you test positive but remain asymptomatic, you can consider ending your isolation 10 days after the test.

Even if you test negative, there is still a risk of potential exposure to the virus. Therefore, it is recommended to follow safety protocols such as practicing social distancing and regularly washing your hands, among other measures.

Vesta Care’s COVID-19 PCR test is known for its high accuracy and reliability. You can have your PCR test in Dubai conducted by our medical professionals at the comfort of your home. Just call us at 052 270 4729.

The PCR test examines the genetic material of the virus and is known for its high accuracy. It is used to diagnose an active COVID -19 Infection.
Antibodies test identifies antibodies produced by the immune system in response to past infection or vaccination. It is recommended after at least 14 days post infection.
Antigen test detects the specific proteins on the surface of the virus. It is also used to diagnose active infection. This test is effective during the early stages of infection when viral load is high.
On the other hand, Antigen testing provides quicker results but is not as reliable as a PCR test. Both PCR and Antigen tests require swab samples from the nose and throat.

Covid-19 PCR test, Antibodies and Antigen tests are commonly available for at-home testing in Dubai.

Most home tests involve swabbing the nose and/or throat.

Certainly! Vesta Care offers options for testing multiple individuals in the same household. Call us at 052 270 4729 and check with our healthcare provider for specific details.

Our DHA-Certified healthcare professionals follow strict safety protocols to minimize the risk of exposure during sample collection