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Our goal is to establish Vesta Care as a qualified Healthcare Services provider in Dubai.

About Us

Care is a very important word in our history and experience.

Our founding team and executive leadership team have decades of track record in innovating and crafting solutions for civil (academic institutions, recreational facilities, clinics, homes), industrial (labor camps, on-shore / off-shore sites) and humanitarian (critical, remote locations) locations in four different continents.

In the UAE, we have designed, implemented and operated some of the soundest Homecare services offerings addressing the needs of patients and insurances across all Emirates. Our team has serviced over 500 patients of all categories of care (simple, intermediate, intensive, critical) through a specialized team of medical professional, trained and mobilized according to the individual needs of our patients (ICU, pediatric, geriatric, post-trauma or other).

Additionally, our team has serviced Occupational Health needs of multiple civil and industrial layouts, with different and diverse requirements, providing medical manpower (doctors, nurses, specialists) and medical assets (ambulances, equipment) as well as clinical governance, supervision and consultation, according to the tailor-made needs of each individual case.

During the pandemic, we were amongst the pioneers and the front-runners of innovation in delivering solutions to governments, companies and patients. From extended screening solutions (RT-PCR testing), to the design and operation of laboratories and isolation / care-giving facilities. We have launched medical laboratories in 3 different continents

In Dubai, we offer our services through a multi-layered network of physicians, clinicians and specialist, forging strong partnerships with medical providers, technology platforms as well as insurances.

We have the capacity to reach your home with many medical solutions that address the entire chain of Assessment / Consultation, Diagnosis and Treatment. Our capability in delivering specialized medical manpower will assist you and your beloved ones to your dynamic needs, ensuring the highest level of clinical compliance, and the results in the quality of your living.

We have the capacity to reach your Clinic, anywhere this might be (in a site or a residential zone) and support you with the strategy, design, licensing, implementation of design, operation and management, ensuring the highest level of quality while maintaining a robust and economically feasible model.

Our biggest strength is our people and our capabilities in our Rehabilitation services. Our team of physicians, occupational therapists and physiotherapists ensure outcomes that aim to improvements of your life conditions.

Our roots date four decades back

Our History and Experience

Our roots date four decades back, when a group of caregiving enthusiasts and healthcare professionals, with empathy and a sense of duty towards their community and the special needs of their third-age population, launched a person-centric assisted living facility in Europe.

Their vision was to make this a home for people that, in their latter part of their lives, would live in respect, dignity and attention towards their clinical and life-support needs. This initial spark has evolved into a market leader in the European caregiving market and a home to over 3,000 geriatric care residents.

At some point, some years ago, this vision and expertise met with the youngest generation of our executive leadership team and decided to forge together a unique Healthcare Services company that would mold the decades of expertise in caregiving through a conventional assisted-living model with the most modern and finest tools in clinical competency in order to address the evolving needs of our communities.

Insurance Partners
We are covering the UAE’s leading insurances for all your home healthcare needs and handle end-to-end process for you. Our doctor will review the patient’s latest medical reports and visit the patient to evaluate the type and level of care required, we will assist the patient in getting a pre authorization. During and after administering services, we will share regular progress reports with the insurance company.

Our Values

Values capture what is most important to an organization. Vesta Care’s core values are deeply ingrained principles that embody who we are, what we stand for, and how we work. Our values represent a core set of beliefs that guide how our organization conducts itself and builds trust-based relationships with partners and grantees. Our values guide our decisions, behaviors, and reflect how we seek to serve our communities.
We imagine what another person is going through, work to alleviate suffering and create joy whenever possible.
We work together to ensure the best possible care, safety and well-being of our patients and fellow caregivers.
We intentionally create an environment of compassionate belonging where all are valued and respected.
We adhere to high moral principles and professional standards by a commitment to honesty, confidentiality, trust, respect and transparency.
We ensure the highest standards and excellent outcomes through effective interactions, decision-making and actions.
We drive small and large changes to transform healthcare everywhere.
We are committed to building a world-class, sustainable healthcare sector in the UAE, growing our talent and resources wisely.

Message from our Board of Directors

We, at Vesta Care, have combined our decades of experience and qualifications in the healthcare services industry and crafted our most unique and specialized healthcare company, dedicated to delivering uncompromised medical services to our community, our client’s and our employees though our state-of-the art healthcare assets and brands. In its creation, we have used the finest of our skills and competencies.

We don’t believe in a
“one solution fits all model”

We live in a changed world that evolved and adapted at the beginning of 2020. The spread of Covid-19 and its impact across multiple aspects of the world (social, economic, geopolitical) has unveiled a few very important drivers for the global economy going forward:

We, at Vesta Care, address these evolving needs by differentiating ourselves from the traditional healthcare service models, offering solutions adaptable to the current needs (mobile, remote, available anywhere, anytime) while integrating them to innovation to maximize reach, impact and efficiency.

Our goal is to establish Vesta Care as a qualified Healthcare Services provider in Dubai, that is beyond capable in complying to the most complex global Clinical Governance standards and delivering effective and efficient solutions.

We designed our solutions and targeted investments using the field experience of our operational and medical teams and the global golden standards of WHO / CDC / FDA.

Our strength lies in our people, our qualified solutions, our operational and clinical processes and our sector-focused approach.

Our Executive Leadership Team

Meet our executive leadership team. They guide our company and inspire our people helping us be focused on our purpose, be persistent on our values and achieve our vision to be a leader in home healthcare services.

Itab Nassar

Director Marketing and Sales

Zahid Hussain

Director of Home Care Services

M. Yaseer Zeni

General Manager

Luca Abbate

Senior Commercial Advisor – SVP

Our Clinical Team

Get to know our operations management team. They are always on top of our everyday operations and with their professionalism, skills and expertise ensure that we deliver exceptional results for our customers.

Dr. Amal Ahmed

General Practitioner-Medical Director

Dr. Menatallah Mahmoud

General Practitioner

Dr. Fathimath Shahana


Aakansha Khati

Lead Nurse

Lester John Santos

Registered Nurse

Nitesh Jangir

Registered Nurse

Princy Joseph

Registered Nurse

Vinisty Gnanamani

Registered Nurse

Manpreet Kaur

Registered Nurse

Piumi Dilhari

Assistant Nurse

Monaaf Mohammad

Assistant Nurse

Arya Mohan Das

Assistant Nurse

Our Operations Management Team

Get to know our operations management team. They are always on top of our everyday operations and with their professionalism, skills and expertise ensure that we deliver exceptional results for our customers.

Russel Liwanag

Human Resources & Admin Officer

Muhammad Faizan Sajid

Marketing Manager

Ziaullah Khan

Senior Accountant

Falaknaaz Muhammad