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Occupational Health Services

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Leading occupational Health Services in Dubai

Our Gatekeeper Model, promoting occupational health, unbiased!
The United Arab Emirates is one of the best places to work globally, with rules and regulations in place to govern harmony on conflicting priorities between stakeholders. We are an independent Operator of your occupational health needs that ensures bests global clinical governance practices in full compliance with the Dubai Health Authority rules and regulations. Our services are truly remote. We operate in your space, based on your needs and at your specific times.

Where are we useful?

We operate in Civil application Environments (Academic Institutions, Workplaces, Recreation facilities), where we provide Emergency Medical assistance, clinical support or we design, propose and implement a holistic solution (from design to licensing and operation) customized to your needs.

We operate in Industrial Environments (heavy industrial sites, work / labor camps), where we bring our expertise, hand-in-hand with any HSE mandate, and we design and implement clinical support functions (medical manpower, clinic licensing, clinic operation, ambulatory services) tailor to your needs.

How can we support you?

We implement our “Gatekeeping” model. We have an un-conflicting interest towards the interests of the Employer, its Employees and their ties to Insurances and other stakeholders (contracting entities, authorities, establishments).

Our remote medical services, clinical and non-clinical, experts will discuss on your needs and address them with a cost-optimized model that fits your statutory requirements. Your dependents (students, patients, workers, executives, visitors) will be supported in their medical response as well as routine needs, withing locally and globally best in-class standards, while the integrity of operations will be maintained to keep world-class Key-Performance-Indicators.

What are our clinical assets?

Our Occupational Health services

Pre-Employment health screening

Vesta provides companies the unique cost-saving service to pre-screen employees prior to the commencement of visa paperwork. Additionally, we provide employee periodic screening services as a support mechanism to employees and employers at the place of work.

Assessment of potential hazards in the workplace, seating, and lighting

Our OHSE Team is regularly meeting companies across Dubai to carry out workstation assessments and subsequent guidance on posture, lighting, and furniture.

Evaluation of employee fitness for work, and return to work

Our objective is to undertake an evaluation of employees’ physical and mental health relative to the working conditions and requirements of their specific job position.

On-site vaccination campaigns

Vesta Care has worked in delivering several thousand COVID-19 vaccinations to employees across Dubai.

Employee health checks at work

Whether providing an on-call medical service for company employees or the provision of an on-site medical clinic.


In-house physiotherapy allows employees to have direct access to medical treatment at work to prevent musculoskeletal issues from developing and leading to a period of absence.

Diagnosis and treatment of occupational disease and injury

In conjunction with our employee workstation assessment and recommendations, Vesta provide a complete rehabilitation medical team…

Management of Health Service clinics within the workplace

Vesta has successfully integrated multiple clinics across Dubai into organizations. From field clinics on construction sites to medical clinics in corporate offices.

End-to-End Academic Institutions Solutions

We are proud to support multiple universities and educational facilities across Dubai with our teams of professional General Practitioners and Nursing staff.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Many employers are now providing enhanced medical packages which include Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP).

Our Occupational Health services are supported by our Managed Health Service scope that includes:

Why choose Vesta Care?

Vesta Care believes in a hands-on approach to Occupational Health Services. We do not believe in one-solution fits all. Most importantly, we have an unbiased interest (we do not operate healthcare companies with conflicting vested interest) to your needs and the solution that was implemented to you. For over a decade, our team and partners has established this qualification and track-record in the United Arab Emirates. More importantly, we are ready to undertake the metrics to support our statement and give you tangible proof of our unbiased commitment to your needs.

Our unique service points are as follows