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Mother & Baby Care

Mother & Baby Care

Mother and Baby Care

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Your most trusted Caregiving & Child Care solution

Our nurses, caregivers and midwifes are amongst Dubai’s most experienced ones
Caregiving is about the ones you love. With or without clinical conditions, our team is here to bring to your home a team of subject matters experts to cover the needs of your family. From supporting your newborns to assisting your elders. We mobilize an extensive team of caregivers, midwifes and nurses, trained and experience to support holistically the needs of the family. All our solutions are tailored around the needs of you and your family. Our team has been for decades in the homes and brings experience, expertise, knowledge and a diverse skillset in addressing these needs.

Neo-Natal and Mother Care

to cover your needs at your preferred location or through the phone.

In Vesta Care we understand how worried new moms can get and how difficult it can be to handle postpartum stress. Our team consists of well-trained professionals that can support you in the transition from the hospital to your home as well as in a variety of daily tasks including sterilizing and preparing bottles, feeding, soothing and swaddling, total night care, easing and preventing colic and reflux, changing diapers etc. While caring for your child they will ease your anxiety and provide you emotional support.

Coupled with our Physicians and Pediatric specialists, our team will assess continuously the daily routine while analyzing and advising the family regarding the child’s postnatal needs and prepare a customised plan for each child.

Our services to not end to the child but extend to the mother. The transition into parenthood may not be easy for the new mothers. We will help you understand your kid even better and will offer proper guidance to ensure that parenthood is pleasurable and easier. 

Baby Sitting

Our duty of care extends to your family, we feel that we are a part of it. Our priority is to give the family peace of mind that their child or children are safe and happy while under the care of our babysitters. We offer a personal, trustworthy, reliable and safe babysitting service for families across Dubai. Our babysitters are educated, experienced and creative with many holding additional childcare qualifications.

From one hour to unlimited time, out babysitters are exceptional in the following fields:

Our trained babysitters speak an extensive array of languages based on your needs. Tasks that our babysitters undertake:

Playtime, recreation, and creative mind stimulation is as important of the development of your children as any other part of their day. We take this role very seriously and we ensure that all our staff are well trained and equipped to the individual needs of your beloved ones while we focus on the constant training and development of our staff too.

Prior to the appointment of a babysitter for your children, our subject matter experts will visit you and design with you both the task-list of our childcare executives as well as a child development plan and appoint the right executive for your individual needs.

Our Care
Giving Solutions

Although most of our services fall under our Nurse-at-Home scope, we at Vesta Care, understand the difference between clinical nursing and caregiving.

Providing care independently of the clinical requirements of a beloved one is a whole deferent art in our playbook.

Daily life support, emotional and physical support, companionship in recreational or routine tasks is a very important for a lot of people in a fast-moving world. We make sure that no one is left behind.

Contact us! A member of clinical and caregiving support team will hear your needs and will provide you with solutions that will improve the quality of the lives of those you love most or your life as well.

Our unique service points are as follows