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Assisted Living & Rehabilitation Homes

Retire in Dubai

Our vision for a third-age retirement solution in one of the best places to live in the world.
Maintaining independence is important for people as they age while, in fact, losing it is one of the biggest fear seniors have. An absolute majority of GCC and Asian seniors and their families decide for the seniors to remain in their houses; along with the family. The reality is that a significant part of the seniors (age 80+) require support with their daily activities, irrespective of their health status. Is there a way to get that kind of help and still be as independent as possible? The answer is Yes and is called Assisted Living.

Dubai is an international metropolis

and a major destination for international travelers, businesses as well as families recently. As the city rapidly evolves and ranks up as one of the best places to live in the world it creates a surging demand for adults in their late age that explore ways to retire here.

But how can someone retire in Dubai?

There are multiple residence statuses that can fit the profile of someone that wants to retire in Dubai as well as multiple accommodation options. But residency and accommodation are only one aspect of the a senior’s objectives.

Seniors not only require a residency status, a house, access to healthcare and amenities. Predominately, they require:

  • A housing setup friendly to their age,
  • Daily discrete support in their daily activities
  • On-demand or easily accessible healthcare support
  • A rehabilitation area where the swimming pool or the gym are no longer a plain places or recreation & exercise but rather places of rehabilitation
  • A community where people of their age group and their interest socialize and communicate together
The above objectives are not available currently in a one-stop solution in Dubai.

Our vision for Assisted Living in Dubai

With experience of over 40 years in Assisted Living homes and over 5,000 rooms across Europe we bring our best game and innovation yet to Dubai.

We are designing a fully integrated Assisted Living and Rehabilitation community in Dubai where we will combine the best of all objectives to make someone’s decision to retire in the city we call “Our Home” much easier.

Our community is designed to provide residences of all sizes to seniors, designed uniquely according to their needs.

Their daily living activities support will be provided by a network of subject matter experts in nutrition, cleaning, commuting and general life support.

The healthcare needs of the residents in our community will be supported by licensed and accredited medical facilities specializing in Homecare, Caregiving and Rehabilitation and will consist of the core healthcare specialist around the clock for the convenience and on-call for all the members of our community.

Our facilities have state-of-the art wellness and rehabilitation facilities and specialists supporting them enhancing the experience and longevity of our community members.

Last but not least, our communities are all about SOCIALIZING between our members, through events and daily social activities that bolster the socialization of our members and making their time living with us, time worth living for.

All the above are designed to be financially feasible but seniors of ALL income profiles, making our dream to make Dubai, “Our Home”, a place where more people will decide to live with us.

Place bear with us as we make the steps to convert our vision into a home designed for YOU.

We would be very pleased to hear from you, about your suggestions, your needs and your expectations as we are progressing in the development of our vision. Do not hesitate to give us your feedback below.

Why choose Vesta Care?

Vesta Care believes in a hands-on approach to Managed Healthcare Services. We do not believe in one-solution fits all. We design your solution to your unique needs and warrant the responsibility of performance for our services. We have experience on this field, our team and partners has established this qualification and track-record in the United Arab Emirates. More importantly, we are ready to undertake the guarantees to support our statement and give you tangible proof of our unbiased commitment to your needs.