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Manpower Outsourcing

Specialized Medical Manpower Services in Dubai

Hire, onboard and train the medical professionals that will make the
difference to you.
In a post-pandemic world, the demand for medical manpower around the globe has created unfavorable manpower supply dynamics for medical facilities. The competition amongst healthcare service providers to onboard and maintain clinical resources of the highest qualifications has become an ongoing challenge. Furthermore, the challenge of hiring the right clinicians is coupled with the challenge of their continued training and maintenance of their competency levels. We have the qualifications, experience, partnerships and reputation of overcoming this challenge for you.

How are we useful?

Who we are?

During the past decade, and especially during the pandemic, our team has onboarded and sourced over 2,000 clinical staff of a wide spectrum of specializations.

Our resources include experienced in-house medical manpower recruiters, clinical manpower consultants to assess candidates and a network of partners that cover holistically the manpower process, from recruiting and mobilizing to continued training.

What are our clinical assets?

Our expertise in Medical Manpower

DHA Licensed Nurses

Specializing in ICU, Pediatrics, ER, Homecare, Dialysis, Ward, Ambulances

DHA licensed Assistant NurseL

Specializing in caregiving, mother and child care, remote care services, Homecare

CDA Licensed Caregivers

Covering the entire range of caregiving support services to private patients or insurance needs.

General Practitioners (GP)

Specializing in both inpatient and outpatient mandates as well as industrial setups or remote environments.


Specializing in the entire spectrum of rehabilitation according to the facility’s needs.


Our experience lies within Mental Health.


Family Medicine, and Occupational Health

Why choose Vesta Care?

Vesta Care believes in a hands-on approach to Medical Manpower Services. We do not believe in one-solution fits all. We design your solution to your unique needs and warrant the responsibility of performance for our services. We have experience on this field, our team and partners has established this qualification and track-record in the United Arab Emirates. More importantly, we are ready to undertake the guarantees to support our statement and give you tangible proof of our unbiased commitment to your needs.