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Pregnancy Test In Dubai At Home

No More Wasting Time Standing in Long Queues for Lab Tests

Pregnancy Test
at home in Dubai

No More Wasting Time Standing in Long Queues for Lab Tests

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With Vesta Care, you can get a pregnancy test done at your home

If you live in Dubai and want to get a healthcare checkup at home, Vesta Care offers you a good quality staff with the best services to meet your health requirements. From door to door, highly encrypted and secure services allow you to have a stressless experience at home.

Vesta Care Offers Precise And Accurate Test Results

Vesta Care differentiates itself by providing exact and accurate test results, available 24/7 to provide you the quality time for healthcare. Vesta Care uses innovative testing equipment and a team of highly qualified healthcare experts to provide complete diagnostic services that are personalized to each client.

It addresses numerous medical issues, enabling full health exams without patients needing to leave their homes. The 24-hour service assures quick responses in emergencies and accommodates patients with hectic schedules or mobility issues.


What Is A Pregnancy Test?

A fertilized cell that has been implanted in the uterus naturally, produces a hormone known as HCG or human chorionic gonadotropins in women. Usually, it is only created while a woman is pregnant. To determine if you are pregnant, a pregnancy test searches for the hormone in your blood or urine.
Testing for human pregnancy hormones in the urine or blood are the two basic methods. The earliest pregnancy detection is possible when HCG levels in the blood are tested for, which is to be estimated at around 750 u/L at the start of 4th week. Most pregnant women will get a positive urine pregnancy test one week following the first day of a missing menstrual period. Missing a menstrual period is also an indication of being pregnant.

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We execute any custom prescription from your doctor upon request. We are fully licensed to issue e-prescription for medicine

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We execute any custom prescription from your doctor upon request. We are fully licensed to issue e-prescription for medicine and arrange the delivery of your medication.

Indications that you might require a Blood Sugar Test

Experiencing symptoms such as excessive thirst (Polydipsia), frequent urination (Polyuria), intense hunger (Polyphagia), fatigue, unintentional weight loss, vision problems, slow healing, and the presence of sores and ulcers on the foot could indicate potential health concerns. These symptoms, especially when occurring together, may be indicative of conditions such as diabetes. It is crucial to seek medical attention promptly for a thorough evaluation and diagnosis to address any underlying health issues.

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What Are The Benefits Of Having A Pregnancy Test At Home

Using a home pregnancy test has a number of benefits, such as:

Tests for pregnancy are not costly.

Their use is simple.

Results from at-home exams are available promptly.

The majority of at-home pregnancy tests are 98% to 99% accurate when used exactly as directed, according to the makers of pregnancy kits. Positive test results are reliable, but if you take the test too soon, you may receive a false negative result.


Assistance on Your Doorstep

Vesta Care brings the pregnancy test right to your house, assuring maximum convenience for you.


Private Care

Experience our private, comfortable, and stress-free home-based pregnancy test in Dubai, which reduces the anxiety frequently associated with visiting medical institutions.


Time Specific

You can rely on us to deliver pregnancy results quickly.


Flexible scheduling

Vesta Care provides the convenience of flexible scheduling, allowing you to schedule the pregnancy test based on your preferences

Types Of Pregnancy Tests?

There are two main types of pregnancy tests:

  1. Urine test
  2. Blood test

While your healthcare professional conducts a blood test, urine tests are usually completed at home, but they can also be completed there.

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Pregnancy Test at Home

The urine test can be done by the pregnancy detecting strip. These strips can be dipped in the first-morning urine for better efficacy.

1.   Procedure

The following steps are required to perform the test.

Use a fresh cup to urinate, and while the pee is still in the cup, dip the test strip into it. The strip containing antibodies starts to react with the HCG hormone secreted in the urine. This will result in the appearance of a line either at the C or T point.

2.   Confirmation

  • If the linings appear on C or the control section, it means you are not pregnant.
  • If the linings appear till T or Test line region, that confirms that you are pregnant.

About ten days after conception, HCG can be seen in your urine for a lot of these tests. It lowers the possibility of a false-negative result, though, if you take it after missing your period. Usually, a missing menstruation occurs 14 days following pregnancy.

Blood Test

A blood test is an additional kind of pregnancy test. Because blood tests are costly and often yield identical results to urine testing, they are rarely performed. A little sample of your arm vein’s blood is used for this kind of pregnancy test. This blood test may measure the amount of pregnancy hormone that is hcg in your body in addition to detecting its presence. This is useful if your doctor wants to know the precise concentration of HCG in your blood rather than just the presence of HCG.
In some situations, such as for patients receiving fertility treatments or when the healthcare professional suspects a problem, a blood test for pregnancy may be performed.
Because these blood tests may identify extremely low quantities of HCG, they are somewhat more sensitive than urine tests. This suggests that they can give a more precise response between seven and ten days after conception, which is extremely early in pregnancy. Your blood sample is drawn for this test at the hospital or your doctor’s office, and it is then submitted to a lab for analysis. It might take a few hours to two days to see results.
Sometimes, physicians suggest patients draw blood at different intervals to compare the HCG level in their body during the multiple weeks of pregnancy; your HCG levels typically double every two days. Vestacare services may assist you in achieving the greatest outcomes at your doorsteps, which helps you to evaluate any abnormal elevation of hcg that might indicate a twin pregnancy or a problem with the pregnancy. To evaluate the precise pregnancy result, blood tests can be done at different intervals.

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Are all home pregnancy testing methods the same?

The majority of at-home pregnancy test brands are trustworthy. All pregnancy tests search for HCG in your body, despite the fact that each variety may use a different precise testing procedure.


Most at-home tests will get the same outcome if you use them. The sensitivity of the test will be different from your at-home testing. Certain people may be more sensitive than others and may detect HCG in their urine earlier in the process of producing a positive result. However, it’s still advised to wait until you’ve missed your period for the most accurate reading. All of the tests ought to be correct by then.

What hormone levels are checked for a pregnancy test?

Pregnancy tests seek to detect high levels of HCG. Early in pregnancy, HCG levels climb dramatically, doubling every several days. HCG is produced by the placenta. The placenta, which appears only in pregnant women, grows quickly after a fertilized cell adheres to the uterine wall.


When is the best time to take a pregnancy test?

Generally speaking, the optimal moment is right after your first-morning urinal. Nonetheless, regardless of the time of day you take the test, certain pregnancy tests are sensitive enough to identify HCG. Try to avoid taking the test before three hours have passed since your previous urination. To make sure you obtain the same result, you might also take two pregnancy tests.

Frequently Asked Question

Our medical team and our referral medical laboratory are working 24/7 for 365 days in any year and are both located in Dubai. Your samples are collected and transported around the clock within the DHA guidelines for sample transportation and storage and the tests are executed, in-house and in Dubai. We perform these services in-house and in Dubai and these are the factors that guarantee our results turn-around times!

Your results are validated by our Clinical Pathologists and Laboratory technicians and clinically correlated before being released by our Medical Laboratory in Dubai. Your reports will be indicating the ranges as well as the meaning of this ranges in accordance with quality accreditation requirements. Still, us not being intermediaries, our Doctors and clinicians are available to you for a medical evaluation of your results or cover any queries and concerns you might have. 

We are a DHA licensed medical provider, equipped with the required approvals to perform these services while our medical staff is licensed by DHA and trained to perform these services. Additionally, our medical laboratories are Licensed and Accredited to perform these tests, in compliance with highest international clinical standards. These two, safeguard the end-to-end compliance, accuracy and reliability of the testing at Home. 

Simply, we do not rely on intermediaries. We own and operate ALL assets involved in the process, end-to-end. From our direct patient CRM, to our licensed sample collection facilities and the analysis in our affiliated medical laboratory. We are clinicians we over 20 years presence in the community. 

There can be substantial health hazards of performing medical acts without involving a licensed medical facility with licensed practitioners. We, at Vesta Care, carry all the required licenses, trained and licensed medical staff, as well as the required insurances to ensure a smooth experience and clinically robust medical act, bringing standards that are followed by the world’s most reputable facilities, are accredited by quality bodies and licensed by the local authority in Dubai. 

Patient confidentiality is the legal and moral duty of doctors and other healthcare providers to treat patients’ private and sensitive medical information with care. It also refers to the patient’s entitlement to maintain the privacy of their records. In maintaining this law Vesta Care provides their consumers with a record of their professional workers, along with their respective legal registered IDs. We assure proper enlightenment between patients and healthcare personnel business to maximize your trust in us.

Vesta Care knows your needs, and for this Vesta Care only hires personnel with healthcare backgrounds who must have a degree of education and technical experience. This helps in patients’ comfort and trust allowing them to experience it with relief. These specialists have substantial training and experience providing tailored and comprehensive healthcare support to the patient.

Vesta Care’s at-home healthcare service charges vary depending on the services delivered. The individual’s insurance program provides coverage for these costs. Vesta Care delivers accurate price details, so patients have a clear idea of expenditures and assist with insurance inquiries to ensure a simple and educated financial experience for its consumers.

Vesta Care ensures the dealing with transparent communication. This ensures that none of our patients will be left hugged on the phone during our high demands on the peak. In such conditions, Vesta Care is willing to increase the scale of healthcare professionals, improve their quality working by providing their staff with a better education, and reduce the mismanagement that might cause a waste of your time.

Vesta Care prioritizes patient comfort by implementing personalized care plans, employing empathetic healthcare professionals, and utilizing advanced technology for efficient services. This helps us focus on transparent communication, timely response, and creating a good environment for both our patients and staff to deal with.