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Food Intolerance Test at Home in Dubai

Food Intolerance Test
at Home in Dubai

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Food Intolerance Test at Home in Dubai

Not all foods agree with us. Understandably, unhealthy foods like fast food may make us feel unwell. But sometimes, even the healthier variety of food can make us sick. There is just no way to know which foods may not agree with you without getting an extensive food intolerance test.
Millions of children and adults get food intolerance every year. In fact, it is estimated every one in five people may have some form of food intolerance. It’s nothing to be worried about. Once you know you have it, adopting simple precautions will be enough to return your life to the quality it used to have.

Food Intolerance Test at Home

One of the most unique testing solutions Vesta Care offers is sending a DHA-certified nurse to your home for sample collection. We interact with our customers while upholding the principles of compassion, integrity, and privacy. Our staff is trained to handle all your testing procedures with the sensitivity and care they require.

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Quick Food Intolerance Results

Simply make a call and provide your address. A member of our staff will be at your door within a few minutes. They can provide you with the proper tools to collect samples for your food intolerance test at home. The best part is that you can get the Food Intolerance test results online.

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Our partner Laboratory is located in Dubai, since 2001, providing an exemplary evidence of our clinical capabilities and credentials.

Our one-stop-solution for medical laboratory tests in Dubai, integrates the clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment cycle, anywhere in Dubai within 30mins from your call.

Our focus is in on outstanding accuracy and clinical compliance coupled with fast availability and affordability.

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We execute any custom prescription from your doctor upon request. We are fully licensed to issue e-prescription for medicine

and arrange the delivery of your medication.

We execute any custom prescription from your doctor upon request. We are fully licensed to issue e-prescription for medicine and arrange the delivery of your medication.

Dubai! The Haven of Foodies

We have a large variety of food items available in today’s modern Dubai. We can spend our whole lives trying new foods for every meal and never run out. Particularly, younger people are adopting a habit of trying new foods and recipes all the time. This makes them more vulnerable to experiencing an unexpected intolerance towards certain foods.

Dubai is a world in itself. We have countless restaurants and ingredients available around us that are rarely found elsewhere. It’s not strange to suddenly come across a food item you may be intolerant towards. That’s why preparation is the key to enjoying your favorite foods without getting sick.

Book your Food Intolerance Test at home now with Vesta Care Lab!

A simple way to check for food intolerance is to eat different things and examine your body’s reaction to them. However, this method is inefficient and may take a lifetime to check each food item individually. A simpler and much more convenient method is to get a food intolerance test at home.

Vesta Care offers at-home Food Intolerance Tests in Dubai. It stands as the best among the countless healthcare services available in Dubai. We offer up to 1500 different varieties of tests. We have completely redefined the normal medical testing procedures by providing innovative solutions to our customers.

You no longer need to go through the troubles of wasting your time and energy with doctor’s appointments or labs. Vesta Care can simply send a DHA-certified nurse right to your home to get the sample. You can also have the Food Intolerance Test results online.

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Understanding Food Intolerance: What is it?

Food intolerance is also commonly known as food sensitivity. It means that you have trouble digesting certain types of food. Your stomach becomes unable to break it down, making you feel unwell. You may experience discomfort, gas, pain, and diarrhea upon eating these foods.

Food intolerance happens when your immune system reacts badly to generally harmless food. It attacks the food content as if it were attacking an infection or a virus. The reaction can vary from mild to severe. A mild reaction merely causes some discomfort while a severe reaction may trigger an extreme allergy.

There are some of the highest numbers of people who have food intolerance in Dubai. This problem seems to be getting worse with every new generation. A number of people recover from food intolerance over time. But many continue to experience it throughout their lives. Getting a timely food intolerance test means you may be able to avoid the foods that bring you trouble.

Symptoms of Food Intolerance

You may be experiencing food intolerance if you get one or more of the following symptoms after eating certain food items,

Causes of Food Intolerance

Anyone can develop food intolerance. But experts have yet to determine the exact cause behind it. People having food intolerance do not make a particular enzyme in sufficient quantities to break down the food in their stomachs.
Having these conditions can make it more likely for you to experience food intolerance,

Common Types of Food Intolerance

These are the most common types of food intolerance in Dubai,

Lactose Intolerance

It occurs when your body cannot produce a certain enzyme called Lactase. It makes digesting milk and milk products hard for your body. It can cause excessive flatulence, burping, bloating, diarrhea, and discomfort. Lactose intolerance is the most common form of food intolerance.

Histamine Intolerance

It occurs when your body cannot produce a certain enzyme called diamine oxidase or DAO. Histamines are usually found in citrus fruits, chocolate, red wine, and cheese. Histamine intolerance can cause migraine, stomach problems, rashes, and skin irritation.

Gluten Intolerance

Gluten is a protein that is commonly found in wheat, rye, barley, and their products. Gluten Intolerance shouldn’t be confused with Celiac Disease, which is an autoimmune condition. Gluten Intolerance merely makes it hard for your body to digest it.

Food Intolerance Vs. Food Allergy

Many people use the terms intolerance and allergy interchangeably. However, there are some differences between the two,

Food intolerance

Food Allergy

AESKUBLOTS Food Intolerance IgG Antibody test

This test is generally carried out to determine your sensitivity to different kinds of foods. This test looks for antibodies in your blood sample that are produced as a reaction to certain types of foods. If your body produces more antibodies as a reaction to a food item, it means you are more intolerant towards it and may need to avoid it in the future.

Vesta Care will provide you with extensive results that will help determine which foods are likely to cause more trouble for you. As a result, you can design your diet with the help of your dietician or Vesta Care health expert accordingly.

Why Get a Food Intolerance Test As Soon As Possible?

There are so many food items on the menu wherever you go that you cannot possibly try them all in a short time. It may take years or even decades until you come across something that shows intolerance.

Moreover, some foods may not show a big enough intolerance reaction. You may dismiss the minor discomfort as a normal thing. That’s why getting a timely food intolerance test will allow you to design your diet and keep on top of your health. Early detection will give you many benefits,

Early testing will give you freedom from anxiety that is caused by uncertainty wondering if you have Food Intolerance or some other illness.

You can consult with your doctor or nutritionist and begin to plan a proper diet. It will increase your quality of life.

Eating a food item that gives you severe intolerance without warning can put you in a tight spot. Early detection through a food intolerance test will allow you to avoid this scenario.

Some food intolerance cases are genetic. For example, if you have lactose intolerance, you may need to warn your relatives to get themselves tested as well.

Why Choose Vesta Care to get a Food Intolerance test at Home?

There are many reasons you should choose Vesta Care Lab for the Food Intolerance test at home in Dubai.

Saving Time

Going through the traditional practice of booking appointments with doctors and getting consultations is tiring. It wastes a lot of time in hospitals and labs until you finally get the go-ahead to get the tests done. Vesta Care saves you time by eliminating all the middle people and directly connecting the patient with the lab.

Saving Your Energy

Traditional medical testing requires you to go to hospitals, book appointments, and wait in lines. You may have to take leave from work and make excuses to your friends and family when they inquire about your reasons for visiting hospitals.

On the other hand, Vesta Care helps you save your energy by eliminating all these steps. Just make a call and someone will come to collect the samples to your doorstep.

Vesta Care eliminates all the steps and directly connects the patient with the lab.


DHA-Certified Staff

Our DHA-certified nurses and doctors can visit you at your home within a few minutes of making the call to collect the sample. After that, you simply have to wait a while and see your test results online in your email.

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Free Consultation

Some test results are not easy to understand for everyone. They often use too many medical terminologies and difficult techniques that are not easily understood by non-medical people.

Keeping this problem in mind, Vesta Care allows you to have a FREE consultation with our resident doctors to help you understand your results in detail. No need to scratch your head over something you don’t understand. Talk to our doctors to make things clear.

Vesta Care doctors and nutritionists can also help you design a proper diet plan depending on the kind of food intolerances you may have.

Flexible Schedule

Vesta Care allows you to have complete flexibility in booking your appointment with us. You can call us at 04 247 0800 from 6 AM to 12 AM, or email us at info@vestacare.ae. You can also reach out to us at our 24/7 hotline 052 104 6920.

Use of the Latest Techniques and Technology

We ensure that all our equipment is kept up-to-date with the market demands. Our staff members are regularly trained to uphold the highest standards of the industry. We also regularly replace our equipment when something better is introduced.

Quick Results

Vesta Care generally provides all the test results within 24-48 hours of taking the sample. You do not have to come into the lab to collect your results. We provide them online so you can access them more easily.

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Frequently Asked Question

Our medical team and our referral medical laboratory are working 24/7 for 365 days in any year and are both located in Dubai. Your samples are collected and transported around the clock within the DHA guidelines for sample transportation and storage and the tests are executed, in-house and in Dubai. We perform these services in-house and in Dubai and these are the factors that guarantee our results turn-around times!

Your results are validated by our Clinical Pathologists and Laboratory technicians and clinically correlated before being released by our Medical Laboratory in Dubai. Your reports will be indicating the ranges as well as the meaning of this ranges in accordance with quality accreditation requirements. Still, us not being intermediaries, our Doctors and clinicians are available to you for a medical evaluation of your results or cover any queries and concerns you might have. 

We are a DHA licensed medical provider, equipped with the required approvals to perform these services while our medical staff is licensed by DHA and trained to perform these services. Additionally, our medical laboratories are Licensed and Accredited to perform these tests, in compliance with highest international clinical standards. These two, safeguard the end-to-end compliance, accuracy and reliability of the testing at Home. 

Simply, we do not rely on intermediaries. We own and operate ALL assets involved in the process, end-to-end. From our direct patient CRM, to our licensed sample collection facilities and the analysis in our affiliated medical laboratory. We are clinicians we over 20 years presence in the community. 

There can be substantial health hazards of performing medical acts without involving a licensed medical facility with licensed practitioners. We, at Vesta Care, carry all the required licenses, trained and licensed medical staff, as well as the required insurances to ensure a smooth experience and clinically robust medical act, bringing standards that are followed by the world’s most reputable facilities, are accredited by quality bodies and licensed by the local authority in Dubai. 

Having food intolerance means that your stomach has trouble digesting a certain type of food. The intolerance can cause gas, indigestion, discomfort, and pain.
Everyone should be tested for Food Intolerance because it is one of the most commonly found conditions in Dubai. Knowing for sure which foods do not suit you will allow you to eat healthy without getting sick.
Get yourself tested no later than 4-6 weeks after eating a certain food to check its intolerance in your body. Any later than that and its antibodies may become incapable of detection through normal testing.
A food intolerance test at home will require you to give a sample of your blood to our DHA-certified nurse who will come to collect it to your doorstep. This test will show your sensitivity to different kinds of foods.
Yes, Food Intolerance testing at home is safe, convenient, and reliable. The sample collection is done by certified individuals without risk of contamination. You can trust the results when you get them.
Yes, Vesta Care is the best lab in Dubai to get a Food Intolerance test at home. Which means you do not have to go anywhere or do anything other than make a phone call. Our DHA-certified attendant will come to your place to collect the sample and guide you further.
Vesta Care is the best and most reliable place to get home tested for Food Intolerance in Dubai. Just give us a call at 04 247 0800 or WhatsApp at 052 270 4729.
It depends on the kind of test. For some tests, you can receive your results within 5-6 hours while others may take 24-48 hours. However, you can apply for quick test results by jumping ahead of the cue.
Vesta Care is the best lab in Dubai, offering medical testing for more than 1500 varieties.