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Food Sensitivity Tests at Home in Dubai

A New Era of Personalized Health is mandatory for all of us. Thus, bearing that in mind Vesta Care is here to provide all the healthcare information in Dubai for you. When gearing up for the food sensitivity test you will be glad to know that this article holds all the information that you need. In our quest for well-being, understanding our body’s unique needs is paramount. Enter Vesta Care, where we bring personalized health solutions to your doorstep. Our at-home Food Sensitivity Test is a pioneering step towards a healthier, happier you.

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Understanding Allergy Diagnosis: Your First Appointment

Embarking on a journey towards allergy relief begins with your first appointment with an allergist. Knowing what to expect during this visit can help ease any concerns. Here’s a guide to how to book your first appointment:

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How To Evaluate Medical History?

  • Your allergist will initiate the session by delving into your medical history.
  • Detailed questions will be asked about:
  • Allergy symptoms experienced.
  • Dietary habits.
  • Family medical history.
  • Living environment details.


Example questions include:

  •  Timing of symptoms after food consumption.
  • Quantity of the ingested food.
  • Frequency of reactions.
  • Occurrence with other foods.
  • Consistency of reactions.
  • Past medical treatments received.

Various Objectives of These Questions

  • To discern the cause of your allergy or aggravating factors for symptoms.
  • For instance, understanding if pollen allergies contribute to mouth and throat swelling after consuming specific foods like melons.

Allergy Tests:

  • Your allergist may recommend tests like skin prick tests or blood tests.
  • These tests can indicate sensitivities to certain foods but might not confirm a true allergy unless there’s been a previous reaction.
  • Tests offer clues about symptom causes but don’t provide absolute certainty about food allergies.
  • In some cases, an oral food challenge may be required for conclusive confirmation.

Purpose of Allergy Tests

  • To determine the presence of food allergies.
  • Skin tests and blood tests can suggest sensitivities.
  • Oral food challenge serves as a definitive confirmation tool.

Consultation Importance

  • Consulting an allergist is crucial when a food allergy is suspected.
  • The allergist guides on appropriate tests, confirms allergy existence, and advises on allergy management post-diagnosis

Understanding the process of your first allergy appointment empowers you to participate in your health journey actively. If you suspect a food allergy, seeking guidance from an allergist ensures a comprehensive evaluation and effective management.

Unraveling the Mystery of Food Sensitivity

The world of food sensitivity can be complex, often leaving us feeling unwell without clear answers. Our at-home test in Dubai is designed to uncover the mysteries, identifying foods that might not be your body’s best companions.

Understanding Food Allergy Diagnosis

As we navigate the complexities of food allergies, it’s essential to understand the diagnostic process. Here’s a comprehensive overview:

1. Elimination Diet:

Your allergist may recommend an elimination diet, involving a daily food diary. Avoiding suspect foods for one to two weeks can reveal if they are causing allergies. However, the specifics of this diet and its duration should be discussed with your allergist.

2. Food Allergy Testing:

  • Skin Testing: Conducted in a doctor’s office, it provides results in 15-30 minutes. Positive results, indicated by a wheal, suggest an allergy, but the size doesn’t predict reaction severity.
  • Blood Testing: Less sensitive than skin tests, it measures IgE antibodies. Results are reported numerically but don’t precisely predict reaction severity.
  • Oral Food Challenge: The gold standard for diagnosis, it’s performed under strict supervision. Gradually increasing food amounts are consumed to confirm test results.

3. Oral Food Challenge:

Your allergist might recommend an oral food challenge to confirm test results. It involves consuming increasing amounts of the suspected allergen under supervision. Emergency measures are in place due to potential risks.

4. Food Allergy Diagnosis:

Diagnosing food allergies is intricate, considering varying symptoms and reactions. Your allergist assesses test results and medical history for an accurate diagnosis. If diagnosed, an epinephrine auto-injector will be prescribed, and you’ll receive guidance on safety measures.

Your health and well-being are our priority. Feel free to reach out to healthcare experts at Vesta Care for further clarification or to book an appointment.

The Vesta Care Advantage

What sets Vesta Care apart is our commitment to quality and accessibility. With our at-home test, our expert medical consultants come to you, ensuring the process is unified, comfortable, and stress-free.

Understanding Food Sensitivity Tests

Not all tests are produced alike. Vesta Care homecare offers a range of reliable options like MRT, ALCAT, and IgG antibody tests, ensuring you get accurate insights into your body’s unique responses to different foods. This allows you to eat healthily and safely with a clear picture in your mind.

Why opt for a Food Sensitivity Test?

The benefits are clear – identifying problematic foods can help you avoid them, steering clear of issues like headaches, digestive problems, joint pain, or skin irritations. It’s a proactive step towards personalized health management.

The Procedure - Easy, Safe, and Quick

Our tests involve drawing a blood sample, a procedure our trained medical professionals handle. The process is quick and minimally invasive, and the risk of complications is kept to a minimum through thorough sanitization.

Exploring Food Sensitivity: Unveiling the Facts

If you’ve been grappling with gastrointestinal (GI) issues, a food sensitivity test might not be the magic solution. Understanding the nuances of food sensitivities remains complex and, currently, there isn’t a foolproof panel for diagnosing them. Instead, considering a food allergy test could be a more beneficial route.

 Why do Food Sensitivity Tests Fall Short?

Identifying specific foods causing unwanted symptoms is intricate as our understanding of food sensitivities is still evolving. Existing food sensitivity panels lack the accuracy and definitiveness needed for a precise diagnosis. On the contrary, food allergy tests offer insights into potentially hazardous foods.

Distinguishing Food Sensitivity, Allergy, and Intolerance

While “food sensitivity,” “food allergy,” and “food intolerance” are sometimes used interchangeably, they have distinct meanings:

 1. Food Sensitivity: Thought to result from immune reactions driven by antibodies like IgG, IgM, and IgA, food sensitivities can lead to various symptoms like digestive distress, joint pain, brain fog, and migraines. These symptoms might not be immediate and are not life-threatening.
 2. Food Allergy: A severe immune response involving increased production of IgE antibodies, causing symptoms like hives, swelling, difficulty breathing, and dizziness. Food allergies can be life-threatening and manifest within 2 hours.
 3. Food Intolerance: Occurs when the body lacks certain enzymes to break down a food, leading to digestive problems. It’s not immune-related and is not life-threatening.

Reliability of Food Sensitivity Tests

In short, no, at-home food sensitivity tests lack substantial evidence. These tests measure the body’s immune response to various foods by assessing antibody levels in the blood, often IgG and IgG4. However, research suggests these antibodies might not be accurate markers for food sensitivity. These tests aren’t a substitute for personalized care from a doctor or dietitian.

Considering Food Allergy Tests?

If you’re experiencing symptoms like spots, itching, or swelling after eating, ruling out food allergies is crucial. Medical professionals commonly use skin tests, blood tests, or oral food challenges to diagnose food allergies. At-home food allergy tests may be a starting point for mild allergies but aren’t as conclusive as professional tests, often producing false positives.

What to Do If You Suspect a Food Sensitivity?

  1. Maintain a Food and Symptom Journal: Track your diet and symptoms to identify patterns.
  2. Consult a Professional: Reach out to our caring doctors at Vesta Care to rule out other causes and explore potential food allergies or intolerances. A dietician can also be consulted to understand the process and care better. They might recommend an elimination diet to pinpoint trigger foods.

Remember, your health journey is unique, and seeking professional guidance ensures a more accurate diagnosis and tailored solutions. If in doubt, consult with a Vesta Care healthcare expert in the UAE to navigate your specific situation effectively.


We understand your concerns. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of FAQs, covering everything from preparation for the test to the types of tests available and potential risks. It’s our way of ensuring you’re well-informed and at ease.

This is simple. We offer online bookings and consultations to avoid hassle. Simply open the form and share details and our customer services representative will call and set up our appointment.

No, these tests are performed by drawing blood via your vein, and then the lab will run tests. But yes, drawing blood if not treated via proper sanitization can irritate. Thus, don’t worry as our in-home healthcare experts know the deal and follow the correct procedures.

We are partnered with some of the well-known and trusted laboratories in the UAE. Our experts follow procedures and ensure patient safety. Our in-home healthcare services are designed according to the international healthcare measure.

Allergies if not treated timely or left unfound can be life-threatening. Especially for babies and kids. Adults are also in danger if they are unaware of their allergies. Thus, it’s better to stay vigilant and ensure complete care is available at hand.

Vesta Care - Empowering Your At-Home Health Journey

In the pursuit of holistic wellness, Vesta Care stands as your ally. With our at-home Food Sensitivity Test, we’re not just delivering results; we’re delivering empowerment.

Book your test today, and step into a new era of personalized health with our experts. Simply click and book an online appointment according to your schedule. We are ever ready to help!